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Golden Cat Guest Ledger is a book found in Dishonored.



Lord Morgan Pendleton, with Loulia in the [Steam/Ivory] Room, [downstairs/second floor].

Mister Bunting, with Betty in the Silver Room, second floor.

Lord Custis Pendleton, with Violetta in the [Gold/Smoking] Room, third floor.


Lords Morgan and Custis Pendleton checked out at 7:00pm, citing an appointment with the Lord Regent.


The book can be found in the first floor lobby and on the table in Madame Prudence's office on the second floor of the Golden Cat.


  • The transcript of the book will change based on the circumstances when which it is read.
    • If the Pendleton twins are still in the vicinity, the first transcript will be displayed.
    • If the Pendleton twins have been neutralized by Slackjaw, the second transcript will be in place.
  • While the locations are variable, the courtesan and patron pairs remain consistent.
    • The twins' room pairings will always be either the Steam and Gold Rooms or the Ivory and Smoking Rooms.