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"He is swept up in events too large for him to comprehend."
—The Heart

Geoff Curnow is a Captain of the City Watch, adoptive father to Jameson Curnow, and the uncle of Callista Curnow. He traveled with Corvo Attano on his journey across the Empire to find aid against the rat plague and is present during the prologue.

Curnow appears again during the mission High Overseer Campbell. Callista suspects that there is a plot by Thaddeus Campbell to poison him, as he is one of the few remaining uncorrupted men in service to the city, and she asks Corvo to keep him safe. Callista's fears are realized when Campbell has Curnow's wine laced with poison prior to a private meeting; Corvo can choose to save Curnow, or let the assassination take place.

If Curnow survives Campbell's assassination attempt, and if Corvo follows the low chaos path, Curnow can be seen embracing Callista when they reunite.


  • Curnow is voiced by Christopher Corey Smith.
  • It is implied by the Heart that he once had a male lover and that "he killed to keep the secret."[2] Harvey Smith confirmed the implication on Twitter.[3]
    • Interestingly, the German translation of that particular heart quote translates "soldier" to "Soldatin", which states the soldier as female.
  • Curnow fights much like a City Watch Officer, is capable of using a pistol and even shouts the same battle lines, but he has the health of a normal City Watch Guard.
  • If Curnow survives on a High/Moderate play through it is unknown if he knows about Callista's death during The Loyalists.
  • Curnow is of Serkonan heritage, having a grandfather that came to Gristol from Serkonos.[4]
  • In Dishonored, Geoff is Callista's only living relative, and his niece refers to him as "Uncle Curnow".[5][6]
  • By 1851, Geoff Curnow is living with his wife, enjoying a long happy retirement.[7]
  • Curnow's character model is also used for the two guards on the whaling trawlers at the beginning of the prologue.
  • If Corvo possess Curnow or Campbell after either have drunk the poison, a unique gameover screen appears, stating "You Have Been Poisoned".