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General Turnbull fights Daud.

"Barrister Timsh, I am afraid I am going to have to take you into custody. And if I or any of my men contract the plague because of this visit, I'll see that your head rolls!"
—General Turnbull to Timsh

General Turnbull is a member of the Dunwall military and part of the non-lethal target elimination in the mission, Eminent Domain in The Knife of Dunwall DLC.

The Knife of Dunwall[]

When Daud arrives at the Timsh Estate, Arnold Timsh is preparing for a meeting with General Turnbull to discuss vague matters of high importance.

Turnbull appears once Daud has placed a foul-smelling bag procured from Apartment 10 in the ventilation system of Timsh's residence. Depending on Daud's prior actions, the meeting between Timsh and Turnbull ends in different ways. If Daud has switched Timsh's immunity letter with a letter of seizure, Turnbull will have Timsh removed from his estate as a carrier of the rat plague.

If the letter was not replaced, Turnbull will accept the document given to him by Timsh. He will then state that the disgusting smell in Timsh's office is not appropriate for their meeting and that they will wait until it vanishes to go inside. After this conversation, Turnbull and Timsh will roam around the building at their leisure.

Should Daud massacre the inhabitants of the estate, Turnbull will express his shock at the bloodbath and order his troops to search the estate, entering into high-alert status.