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General Tobias.

General Tobias is a high-ranking Dunwall officer of the army (with additional authority over the City Watch) who serves at Dunwall Tower under Hiram Burrows.


General Tobias is in charge of security at the Tower and acts with the full authority of the Lord Regent in matters regarding it; his office issues the decree shutting down all unofficial traffic to Dunwall Tower, for instance, and makes the building inaccessible by any means other than the water lock.

He has a small office at Dunwall Tower, but he mostly spends his time ensuring the safety and security of the Tower by checking on his men, who patrol the halls.


Tobias is first seen conversing with Burrows over a viewing screen in the Tower foyer, and can thereafter be witnessed checking on various guard units throughout the Tower. At the end of his rounds, provided Burrows has not retreated to his safehouse, Tobias will meet him in his quarters to discuss Tower security and the status of the masked assassin investigation.


  • Tobias can be identified by his red coat, which differs from the standard Officer uniform.
    • He is also the first member of the Dunwall military featured in the game.
  • General Tobias does not have unique Heart lines, and instead shares lines with the City Watch Officer character class.
  • General Tobias and General Turnbull are the only high-ranking members of the Dunwall military encountered in the game.
  • General Tobias may sometimes randomly respawn in high chaos in the Dunwall Tower Safe Room, if he is first killed in the Dunwall Tower Interior.