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Gazelle head.

Gazelles are a type of land animal in the Dishonored franchise, utilized for their meat.

They are well-known animals, hailing from Serkonos. Mounted heads of the creatures are popular among the wealthy and the aristocracy of Dunwall and can be found in such locations as the Legal District and the Burrows Lighthouse.

Known foods derived from them are usually expensive compared to other fares such as eel or blood ox.


Gazelles are a type of herd animal with a dense coat of short fur of a light tan color with white spots around their eyes, the tips of their lips, and just under their jawline. Their necks are long and their faces thin; the design of the mouth indicates that they are herbivores by nature. A distinguishing characteristic is a long pair of straight, spiraled horns set atop their heads.


  • Gazelles are found in northern Serkonos. They are hunted there by wealthy aristocrats.
    • Arnold Timsh reminisces with his friend and bodyguard, Captain Scott Blossom, about their hunts for "longhorned gazelle" during which they used "wheel locks".
    • While they are mainly animals that are hunted, according to a book domesticated herds exist as well in rural areas of Gristol.
  • According to the journal of Billie Lurk, wooden figures of gazelles are used to decorate fancy coaches from Serkonos, especially those of the Serkonan Ducal family.
  • Gazelle shank is served in the Rothwild Slaughterhouse and is one of the most expensive dishes there at 8 coins.
  • If the placards underneath their mounted heads are examined closely enough, they read "GAZELLE".
  • While they are mentioned and their mounted heads are encountered several times, a live specimen is never encountered.
  • As with other animals found throughout Dishonored, the gazelle seems to be an amalgam of real world animals. It appears to be based largely on the gerenuk, also known as the giraffe gazelle, while its horns resemble those of an oryx.
  • A wooden carving of a gazelle head is one of the souvenirs in Dishonored 2.