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Lord regent s symbol by isaac77598-d7fjo49

The Lord Regent's Crest.

Gathering of the Regenters is a book in Dishonored 2.


2nd Day, Month of Timber, 1851

All members present.

Primary Agenda: Possible actions for the upcoming Anniversary of the Death of Empress Jessamine Kaldwin.

Proposal by Correy Brockburn: Letter to the Karnaca Gazette, explaining that while her murder was reprehensible, the end results may have been positive for the Empire.

Action: Motion approved unanimously.

Proposal by Janice Tines: Members wear Lord Regent's crest armbands on the Anniversary.

Objection by Correy Brockburn: Lovely idea, but it may hurt business for members who need to deal with many clients on that day. Clients may find it in poor taste.

Action: 4 votes against, 3 votes in favor. Motion rejected.

Counter-proposal by Janice Tines: Armbands could be worn on the 15th anniversary of the Lord Regent's (unlawful) arrest.

Action: Motion approved unanimously.

Proposal by Teodoro Benitez: Campaign demanding wider deployment of the Wall of Light, brought back into use in Karnaca by Duke Luca Abele. "The Boldest Measures Are the Safest."

Action: Vote delayed until word comes from Grand Guard leadership, collecting facts on reductions of crime across Karnaca. Proposal added to agenda for next gathering.

Cocktails and spirits served.


This book can be found inside a locked safe located on the second floor of the Regenter's apartment on the right side of the Lower Aventa District.