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Gate Code

Gate Code is a written note found in Dishonored 2.


Dear brother,

Are you serious? How are you able to run a safe and vault business if you can't even remember a simple three digit combination?

I set the back alley gate code to your birthday and you thought it was your wedding anniversary. I set it to your wedding anniversary and you thought it was Grandfather's age. I set it to Grandfather's age and you thought it was Mother's street address. What kind of advice are you giving to your customers for their combinations, I wonder. It's a miracle anybody in this city manages to open one of your safes again after locking them.

Anyway, since you leave me no choice, here's the gate combination written in colored ink, which isn't cheap: [three digit number]

Bring the note with you when you come to my shop, I'll make sure it gets burned. And no, I don't leave the gate open, I can't risk having the curious peek inside at my little business.

- Ricardo


The note can be found in the Winslow Safe Company store in the Palace District during the mission The Grand Palace.


  • The gate code is random.
  • As this note is regarding the same door as another note, they both reveal the same combination.
  • This note is the only note to make reference to the fact that all combinations in notes in Dishonored 2 are written in blue ink.