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Plague Rat Viscera

Galvani Academy Notice is a written note found in Dishonored.



The latest case should arrive within a week, containing all the components you need. Be careful with the white phosphorus. Can't have you getting phossy jaw like tanners at the edge of the city, poor bastards.

Sorry you have to practice in secret. The vivisectionist should be celebrated! Revered even! Cutting up rats should be done in the town square with a crowd of eager students taking notes, not in some dirty little secret room hidden behind a wall of books.

Anyway, lucky for you to have an old friend who never left the Academy. Let me know what else you need, but remember it might be a month before I can put together another shipment.

Yours in knowledge,
Artemis Moore
Procurement Clerk and Provisioner
Academy of Natural Philosophy, South Wing

P.S. Next time you're nearby, come in for an afternoon. We've stayed fairly insulated from the plague, since so few come and go here, and we've got quite the stock of Tyvian brandy.


The note can be found during the High Overseer Campbell mission, on the bench in Doctor Galvani's lab. This letter indicates there is a hidden vivisection room behind the bookshelf.