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Funny Stories from Serkonos is a book found in Dishonored 2.


Early one morning, near dawn, Marcollo's wife hears a knock at the door. It's one of Marcollo's friends.

"Where's my husband?" she asks. "He was supposed to be with you, picking up a case of Orbon Rum."

"I'm sorry," says Marcollo's friend, "but something horrible happened at the distillery. Marcollo toppled head-first into a barrel of rum and drowned."

So the wife starts blubbering, "Oh, my love! He's gone. At least tell me it was a quick death."

"I can't lie," says Marcollo's friend, "He got out three times to piss!"


The book can be found in a desk inside the Overseer Outpost (called the Karnaca Enclave on the map) on the fourth floor in the room next to the Interrogation Room during the mission Edge of the World.