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For Luck is a written note found in Death of the Outsider.


Walk three times around the square with breeches reversed. Who shakes your hand will take your bad luck from you.

At midnight, face south and eat a tin of hagfish whilst singing "I Knew a Lady" three times.

Rest a teacup on your forehead whilst taking the day's first piss. If it don't fall and break, luck will come.

Eat a rotten Tyvian pear, but keep the core in your pocket for luck all day.

If a white cat hisses at you, hop the main dock's length on one leg without falling, then spit into the sea to break the jinx.

Make a wish. Wear a scarf soaked in rum around your neck for a week. If it draws no comment, drink the rest of the rum. Your wish will be granted.


This note can be found inside a locker in the locker room in the Albarca Baths during the mission One Last Fight.