Follow the Ink is the second mission in Death of the Outsider. In it, Billie Lurk travels to the Upper Cyria District to find the identities of the Eyeless leaders and the location of the Twin-bladed Knife.



Daud is determined to kill the Outsider himself, and he needs your help to do so.


In his quest to kill the Outsider, Daud has learned of a special Twin-bladed Knife that is being held somewhere in Upper Cyria. Find out who the Eyeless leaders are, and where they're keeping that knife.


Billie sits at her desk, writing in her journal and talking about her disturbing dreams. As she goes to get up, time stops and the Outsider appears, sitting on her bed and talking about dreams. When Billie demands to know what he wants, he says that people usually want something from him, but as she doesn't want his Mark, he will give her something else instead: namely, Sliver of the Eye and Black Shard Arm. He grabs Billie, forcing these upon her. Billie also gains the supernatural abilities Foresight, Semblance and Displace.

When Billie leaves her cabin, she finds Daud sleeping in the cargo hold, where he awakes and immediately recognizes the changes as the work of the Outsider. Daud tells her his connection to the Void is fading, and they must act fast to kill the Outsider before it is too late. He explains the existence and significance of the Twin-bladed Knife, and tells Billie to find out who leads the Eyeless and where they keep the knife. Exhausted, Daud returns to bed while Billie heads out.


The front of the Red Camellia.

Upon arriving in Upper Cyria, Billie's first obstacle is the closed gate, easily bypassed by Agility jumping or Displace. To her right is Malveros Victory Plaza, on the other side of which is the Red Camellia, which she must search for clues. The front door is locked and the side door is bolted, so the building must be accessed from the rear. That door can be reached by going down the alley to the right of the building, which is guarded by two sleeping wolfhounds, or by climbing up from the canal.

The appointment book on the desk in the office.

When Billie enters the Red Camellia, the only person inside is Martina, sweeping the floors. The information Billie needs is in the Red Camellia Appointment Book, which can be found in the office at the back. Reading this book will tell Billie the identities of her next targets: Shan Yun and Ivan Jacobi. Next to this office is the tattoo chair. If Billie so chooses, she can get a tattoo that allows her entry to the Spector Club.

Billie must enter and search the house of Shan Yun to find his vault key, and take Ivan Jacobi's vault key from him. She can then leave the mission by either returning to the rail car or taking the skiff in the canal.


  • If Billie stole the Sokolov paintings "The Outsider in Conditional Dreams" from the Albarca Baths last mission, it will be in the Dreadful Wale's cargo hold. Inspecting it will begin a short conversation between Billie and Daud.
  • If Billie tattoos herself, she will pick up the inking device nearby. The screen will fade to black during the cutscene, after which the device will have disappeared.
  • Burning the corpses in the basement of Brozenar Taxidermy will leave behind blood amber.
  • If Billie uses Semblance on Brozenar, the civilian in the basement will still talk to her as if she is Billie and not the taxidermist.
  • The two street musicians can be found playing near the plaza, indicating that they were not killed during Dishonored 2.
  • The black market shop in this mission is located below Feralla Way.


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