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First Impressions of the Archive is a written note in Dishonored: Death of the Outsider.


11th, Month of Rain

Initial investigation conducted by Sister Lena Rosewyn of the Serkonan Oracular Chapel, Karnaca.

My sisters and I have discovered an archive of letters, silvergraph prints, and several silvergraph plates, hidden in a secret compartment in the Curator's office.

In advance of a more thorough investigation, the archive appears to describe two places in Serkonos where occult influence has thrived, and corruption has taken hold.

- A map on a silvergraph plate seems to indicate a mining complex on Shindaerey Peak, which is unknown to the Serkonan Cartographic Society (to investigate)
- Several reports point to the estate owned by Aramis Stilton (preparatory quarantine required)
- The Conservatory is an obvious third location (purge in progress).

The association between these three places, if any, is unknown to us as of yet. I will keep the map for further study, and meditate on these questions at our next trance. Perhaps some connection will appear to me then.


This note can be found near the rest of the archive in Breanna Ashworth's office in the Royal Conservatory, during the mission The Stolen Archive.