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Fidelia's Journal is a book found in Death of the Outsider.


2nd Earth

I tried the old incantations over the teeth and strings like before, but it didn't work. It always used to work. Is the magic really gone?

I heard about a gang from one of my sisters, she said they do things like what we had together. I don't know where else to go.

27th Earth

The Eyeless might be content with scratched-up bones and rat liquor, but I'm not. I tasted the dark waters of the Void with my sisters. I know what it feels like to turn the things you hate into ash, and watch bright flowers bloom from the cinders. These people don't know real magic.

7th Nets

I think I found a way. If I can snatch one of the stray hounds off the street and steal some carved whalebone, I might be able to get back a glimmer of my power. I know what words to speak over it. I just hope the Outsider listens.

10th Nets

I used to raise dead hounds from the earth to stalk shadows and tear my enemies to pieces. And now? I watched the life run out of this wretched creature. Its heart shuddered and stopped and I felt nothing. Just pity.

It's gone.


This book can be found by a dead wolfhound at the beginning of the mission One Last Fight.