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Favors are items that Daud can purchase with coin before the start of the first two missions in The Knife of Dunwall and the last three missions in The Brigmore Witches DLCs. Favors will alter situations in specific areas, such as adding items, providing secret information or sabotaging security. There are a total of five favors in The Knife of Dunwall: three in A Captain of Industry and two in Eminent Domain. There are a total of ten favors in The Brigmore Witches: three in A Stay of Execution for Lizzy, four in The Dead Eels, and three in Delilah's Masterwork. The availability of certain favors in The Brigmore Witches is dependent upon Daud's actions in The Knife of Dunwall.

Purchase of all the favors will unlock the Well Connected achievement in The Knife of Dunwall; whereas the purchase of at least eight favors will unlock the Deal Maker achievement in The Brigmore Witches

The Knife of Dunwall

A Captain of Industry

Name Description Function Cost
Safe Code A guard overheard the code to the safe in the shipping office and will etch it on the wall.

This favor will provide Daud with a three-digit number written on the left wall of the main entrance of the Rothwild Slaughterhouse. It can be found behind a group of breakable wooden boards. This code is for the safe in the shipping office, which is located to the left of the wall of light in the yard. The contents of the safe include: a blueprint for explosive bolts, a time card, a gold ingot worth 100 coins, sleep darts, and a vial of Piero's Spiritual Remedy.

If this favor is not purchased, the safe code can still be found in a pouch underneath the barge at the dock, near the body of Jack, but there will be no time card left inside the safe.

125 coins

The Stolen Rune

A bribed laborer will 'misplace' a rune found in a crate full of old scrimshaw bound for the Academy of Natural Philosophy, and the rune will be hidden in the sewer that spills out into the river. This favor places a rune within the Rothwild Slaughterhouse inside the sewers for Daud, marked as "Misplaced Rune." 150 coins
Silent Sabotage A bribed worker will disconnect the security on the refinery valves. Using the valves will not trigger the alarm. This favor prevents the alarm from being raised should Daud attempt to destroy the slaughterhouse with the refinery valves. 100 coins

Eminent Domain

Name Description Function Cost
Rune Drop Off A friend will leave a rune on the ruined bridge for you to pick up. A rune and a note will be placed for Daud at the base of the broken bridge in the Legal District Waterfront area, close to the starting position. 150 coins
Whale Oil Delivery There will be some conveniently placed whale oil tanks by the first gate in the district. This favor places three whale oil tanks in the first guard outpost just before a wall of light. 100 coins

The Brigmore Witches

A Stay of Execution For Lizzy

Name Description Function Cost
Overseer Daud You are disguised as an Overseer. An Overseer has been summoned to Coldridge Prison. Your contacts will intercept him and send you in his place. Using this overseer's uniform as a disguise should fool the prison guards long enough to get you inside. This favor allows Daud to enter the prison disguised as an Overseer, and the arc pylon inside will be unpowered. 100 coins
Misplaced Rune A recent sweep of the prison for contraband has yielded a number of heretical artifacts, one of them will accidentally be misplaced for the right bribe. This favor provides Daud with a rune confiscated during a sweep. It will be hidden somewhere in the prison. 200 coins
Forged Requisition Forged requisition orders allow your contact to deliver stun mines to the prison. The key to the munitions locker will be hidden nearby.

Two stun mines and a note will be left in one of the locked munitions lockers inside the guard booth between sections C and D of the holding cells, and the key can be found nearby.

The key can otherwise be found on a patrolling guard two floors above, but there will be no stun mines.

100 coins

The Dead Eels

Name Description Function Cost
The Sunken Crate Allied Whalers will dump a crate loaded with supplies overboard near the Undine. You will have to dive to retrieve the contents. A sunken chest can be found in the Riverfront, containing a bone charm, an ingot worth 100, sleep darts, a pistol and an elixir and remedy. 100 coins
The Hidden Rune A tunnel dweller has been bribed to bring a Rune from the depths of the Dunwall storm drains and place it within reach of the surface. A rune will be left for Daud with a note at the entrance of the sewers from where the Millenary Canal flows. 200 coins
Former Rothwild Laborer A laborer you saved from the jail cell in Rothwild's Slaughterhouse has some useful information for you. Meet him at the Textile Mill. Daud can meet a man to tell him information at the Mill. The favor will only be available if Daud accomplished the side objective "Free the Captive Laborers" during the mission A Captain of Industry of The Knife of Dunwall. 75 coins
A Gift From Abigail Ames Abigail Ames has contacted you through your network. She's offering a bone charm that might be useful to you, in exchange for a small fee. If Daud sabotaged Rothwild Slaughterhouse for Ames during the mission A Captain of Industry of The Knife of Dunwall, there will be a bone charm and a note in Jerome's safe. If he interrogated and spared her in the same mission, there will be a bomb with a different note instead. Otherwise, the favor will not be available.

If this favor is not bought, or if Ames leaves a bomb for Daud, Jerome will sell a bone charm in his shop for 100 coins instead.

100 coins

Delilah's Masterwork

Name Description Function Cost
Hole in the Fence Your operatives will drop you a rune, some mana and open the fence to allow for a more stealthy approach to the estate. This favor leaves a rune and a vial of Piero's Spiritual Remedy atop the shed outside of Brigmore Manor and a hole in the fence on the right side of the estate. 200 coins
Thieving Butler The former butler smuggled goods from the estate and hid them by the shore. One of your agents will unearth the cache for a price.

Daud can collect a Brigmore urn worth 150 coin and a remedy in a chest underwater near the shore. In a box on land near the chest is a hint as to where to find the butler's body. Next to the butler's body are a key to the front door and another remedy.

The body and key can still be found without purchasing the favor, but not the crate and its items.

75 coins
Turncoat Your agents have paid one of the witches to meet with you and provide information. She'll be wearing a red jacket. A red-dressed witch will give information regarding the secret entrance into the manor. She will wait by the large fountain behind the manor and isolate herself to talk to Daud as soon as he approaches the garden. 50 coins