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Eyeless's Diary is a written note found in Death of the Outsider.


[Excerpt from a private journal]

24 Harvest
Heard from some of the women who came over from the Royal Conservatory that there's a man tied up in one of the old public baths. I laughed, but they said it wasn't like that, and there's something special about him. I'll round up some of the others and take a look.

3 Nets
They weren't lying- some unlucky fool is down there. I don't know what that machine is, or who put him there, but we found a real one. Void-touched, just like the women said.

7 Nets
We moved the operation over to the Albarca Baths. Easier than trying to move him. He's got some real fight in him, though you wouldn't know from how old he looks. Need to talk to Jeanette...

12 Nets
Got it all set up now. We called him the Black Magic Brute. Came up with it myself. I'm proud of that one.
The Outsider gave him magic. I know that much. But the stupid hound can't talk. Or won't. Just mutters. Won't look anyone in the eye until a fight starts. But those fights... We'll be making coin off him for a long time.


This note can be found on a work table in the Albarca Baths during the mission One Last Fight.