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"I stared into its core and recognized myself. Under its gaze, I sank beneath the surface of these waters. I walked the path of the Envisioned and witnessed the churning of the Void in the flesh... Yes, yes. The dead see with such depth. The Eye of the Dead God sees all our desires."
—A cultist recounts his experience with the Eye
Dead Eye 1

The Eye of the Dead God.

The Eye of the Dead God is a supernatural relic that can be found on the isle of Serkonos. It was found buried and then partially uncovered at a former quarry on Shindaerey Peak, located close to the entrance to the Ritual Hold. The Eye belonged to the entity that resided in the Void before the Outsider.

The Eye grants those exposed to it a clearer and more advanced vision, allowing them to perceive things normal people would not notice. Exposure to the relic gave birth to a cult which called themselves "The Envisioned" in honor of the Eye. The Eye became one of their most treasured artifacts and the Envisioned built a community inside the caves of the mountain, studying and protecting the Eye. They also seem to commune with the Eye in ritual meetings to find a deeper understanding of the world surrounding them.

During the mission A Hole in the World, Billie Lurk has to make her way through the cultist headquarter to reach the chamber of the Eye. Seeing the artifact, Billie comments that it seems to be watching her. She touches it and feels that it is cold and dead – yet it sees anyhow. By touching the Eye of the Dead God, Billie gains the enhanced vision as well and sees the Void overlapping into the real world. Venturing back through the cultist headquarter, Billie uses her new senses to find the entrance to the Ritual Hold.


  • Throughout the mission, Billie can see the location of the Eye by using Foresight. It will be seen as a huge pulsating energy and Billie will comment that watching it pains her eye.
  • Billie's eyepiece is a part of the Eye of the Dead God.