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Exsanguination #33 is an audiograph found in Death of the Outsider.


I've started the blood pump. It will siphon off your blood, drop by drop, until you die. No, don't look at the door. No one will enter here. The Spector Club is empty. It's just us, on a journey to the Void. Not together, of course. You'll go now, and I'll visit later. I'll preserve a vial of blood from your last moments for a...personal transfusion. A special treat. I long to see the veil parting for myself.

What's that? Oh, you're babbling. Don't worry! It's a perfectly normal part of dying. The mind regurgitates the sad detritus of unfinished plans to make room for ... deeper mysteries.

Ahh, you grow pale. You shiver as the warm lifeblood leaves you. How does it feel to die? Tell me what you see. Is the Outsider there? What does he say to you? Speak!

"Spare Teresia"? What does that mean? Is that a glimpse of the future? What do you see? Answer me! No, don't die yet! Tell me! What do you see? What do you see?


This audiograph can be found on the third floor of the Spector Club during the mission Follow the Ink.


  • "Exsanguination #33" can be heard and seen in both the game audio and subtitles, but it is not actually present in the Transcript and audio file.