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Explosive bolts.

Explosive Bolts are a type of ammunition in The Knife of Dunwall and The Brigmore Witches. Launched from the wristbow, explosive bolts take a few moments to actually explode after landing. They often dismember enemies, similar to grenades. Daud can purchase explosive bolts after he collects the Small-scale Explosive Refinement blueprint, or he can find them around Dunwall.

Tallboys shoot explosive bolts from their bows. However, Corvo Attano collects incendiary bolts from them when he loots their bodies. The same holds true for booby-traps.

Watchtowers also utilize explosive bolts, but they cannot be collected after deactivating the machines.


Upgrade Name Cost Requirement Effect
Explosive Bolt Capacity 1 450 Coins Small-scale Explosive Refinement Blueprint Increases Daud's explosive bolt storage capacity by 3 (total 8).
Explosive Bolt Capacity 2 600 Coins Explosive Bolt Capacity 1 Increases Daud's explosive bolt storage capacity by 2 (total 10).

Related Bone Charms[]

  • Scavenger - 50% chance to receive extra ammo from pickups.