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Explorer's Journal is a book found in Dishonored.


[Excerpt from the journal of an explorer and natural philosopher]

Dr. Hazian's interpretations of the Pandyssian carvings are the height of ignorance. The core theme is not renewal, but dire warning. The central figure is not a benign spirit. It is clearly a monster, and the jewel a type of fetish, the key to its dark potency perhaps.

The panels should be read as follows: The hero-figure steals the jewel from the monster and casts it into an unquenchable fire. Thus, the monster is made mortal and the hero is able to slay it, breaking the cycle of terror.

[Note scrawled in the margins]

Vera has taken an inordinate interest in my field manuals. Such appetites are unseemly in a lady of her station. I shall have to reprimand her.

[Second note, written in a different hand]

So dreary dreary, dearie.