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Timsh and his lawyers.

Evictions List is a written note found in The Knife of Dunwall.


Forrestal – Crows Court
Estimated Liquid Assets: 2,500 coin
Property Value: 16,500 coin

Dracos – Fenster Way
Estimated Liquid Assets: 1,200 coin
Property Value: 22,700 coin

Cartwright – Vessler Close
Assets and Property negligible 

Blanken – Agroosh Way
Arnold, have you forgotten that Rudshore is flooded? I can't appraise this.

Beddler – Thyme Street
Estimated Liquid Assets: 4,600 coin
Property Value: 51,500 coin


It can be found on Arnold Timsh's desk during the mission Eminent Domain.


  • A Watch Lower Guard named Simmons can be heard expressing his reluctance to evict the Forrestals because of their kindness and because they do not have the plague.