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Everyman's Face is a book found in Dishonored 2.



Heat the metal to pouring temperature, then speak the words of John Clavering. "Behold the face of Holger, who fell in battle this day. It is the picture of outrage at the conditions of this loathsome world."

And so pour into the mold, derived from the original drawing in black ink on calfskin parchment, the face which kept its beauty, even in death.

Pour the metal with care. With full awareness of what you bring into these lands. If the metal splatters, or if it is improperly measured, then be assured the Outsider is present and all must be purified, and the process started anew.

Let the masks come to a cool temperature, then remove them from the molds, and speak thusly from the Tome of Objects: "Holger the Pure, whose face is preserved herein for us across the ages, strike fear into our enemies, and dread into all sinners. So may it be!"

Set aside any in which a Brother misspeak, or in which even if seeming an accident, a mask is dropped, or any imperfection is detected. Melt these down and repurify the liquid metal.

All such masks must be perfect in form, imbued with the conviction of the Abbey.


It can be found in a bookshelf on the second floor of the Overseer headquarter in the Dust District during the mission of the same name.