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High res estate district

The Estate District.

The Estate District, built around a smaller tributary of the Wrenhaven River known as the Serpentine,[1] is an upper class district in Dunwall inhabited by aristocrats and known for its history and wealth.


In contrast to most of Dunwall, the Estate District has few brick structures and consists largely of finer, cleaner buildings made of white stone. Residents receive tax breaks for maintaining the district's many historical mansions, and it has a series of canals as well as restaurants for fine dining and exclusive events. Some homes have gardens surrounding them, which - at least in the case of the Boyle Mansion - are tended by lower class citizens.[2] The Clocktower is located in the northern border of the district.

In response to the rat plague, the streets are patrolled by City Watch Lower Guards, Officers, and Tallboys to keep weepers away from occupied homes. However, unoccupied buildings are unguarded and may be inhabited by weepers as well as rats.

Former residents of the Estate District include the Morays and an unknown High Overseer.[3] Known current residents include the Boyle sisters.


  • The Serpentine estuary shares its name with the real-life Serpentine River in London, a recreational lake located in Hyde Park.