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Esmeralda Duggins.

"It's a curse on us Void-touched. Cruelty runs through us, like a warp through a plank of wood."
—Esmeralda to Martha Cottings

Esmeralda Duggins is a blind, elderly practitioner of the supernatural arts introduced in the third issue of Dishonored: The Wyrmwood Deceit. She has a good deal of knowledge concerning witchcraft, including forbidden words and names.

Despite her blindness, Esmeralda is able to deduce much from objects she focuses on. Some of this is supernatural in nature, such as her ability to trace written marks on canvas. Other times she is able to sense the truth of someone simply by their manners, voice and accent.

The Wyrmwood Deceit Issue 3[]

Esmeralda is imprisoned at Coldridge Prison within the heretic cells, having been interrogated by Overseers and condemned to death. Martha Cottings seeks information from her while continuing her investigation of contraband weapons. After being attacked by the painting creature, Cottings brings a fragment of the canvas to Esmeralda hoping to learn its origin.

After a barbed exchange, Esmeralda agrees to tell the Watch Officer whatever she can learn from the painting fragment, enjoying the feeling of superiority of Cottings, despite her situation. Her information leads Cottings to another trap, resulting in the death and injury of a number of City Watch Guards.

Though Esmeralda's fate is not confirmed, Cottings is sure that Esmeralda will be dead before the end of the week.