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Jessamine and Emily waiting for Corvo.

Empress to Corvo is a written note found in Dishonored.


Corvo, I have missed you while you’ve been away. If I could trust anyone else with these matters, I would gladly send them so you could remain close. But there is no one else. The plague has taken so many. The Spymaster was right to insist that I send you. When you are away, every day seems a heavy burden. Even simple tasks seem worrisome. Emily is difficult to manage. And the great troubles of the City, the conflict and the plague, all seem insurmountable. But when you are near, it is different. My heart is at peace.


It can be found in Jessamine's secret room in Dunwall Tower during the Return to the Tower mission.


  • Some portions of the letter bear a resemblance to Dishonored's opening monologue, which is spoken by the Empress.
  • An audiograph version of the letter was cut during development and can be found in the game's audio files.[1]


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