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Delilah's world as it should be.

Empress Delilah's New Plans is a newspaper article found in Dishonored 2.


With the help of Duke Luca Abele, Delilah Copperspoon has executed a successful play for the throne and now sits as Empress. Whether legitimate or not is a matter of hotly debated opinion.

Emily Kaldwin's fate is unknown at this time. But we do know that several of her ministers are dead, believed to have been assassinated, and the Parliament has been set ablaze by a group of unknown arsonists.

In the time since the Coup, Empress Delilah has issued several proclamations, along with her assertion announced by street speaker that "everything will change soon in Dunwall, and across the Empire.

So our new ruler promises to show us a wonderful future, and warns that all citizens should endeavour to place their most earnest trust in her. Given the ruins in the streets around the palace, one can only speculate about what she means.


This newspaper article can be found in the City Watch checkpoint outside Dunwall Tower in the mission Death to the Empress.