Emily Kaldwin.

The rightful heir to the throne of Gristol and the Empress Jessamine Kaldwin's only child, Emily Kaldwin was present as her mother was killed by the supernatural assassin Daud, on the orders of the Royal Spymaster and Lord Regent, Hiram Burrows.

She has an immensely close bond with the former Lord Protector, Corvo Attano, and depending upon his actions and the amount of chaos that Corvo spreads, it will determine the final outcome of Emily's actions – or inaction – upon the Empire.

Following her mother's death, Emily is seen reading a book in an unknown destination. Soon after, she is held hostage by the Pendleton twins in the Golden Cat pleasure house, during the mission House of Pleasure. Subsequent to this event, Callista Curnow becomes her caretaker.


  • She is voiced by Chloë Grace Moretz.
  • It is speculated amongst some citizens of Dunwall, including Admiral Havelock and, indirectly, Treavor Pendleton, that Corvo is her father.
  • It appears that Emily was secretly being taught how to knock out enemies with a choke-hold by Corvo, prior to his arrest.
  • Emily's personality and behaviors are greatly influenced by Corvo's actions throughout Dishonored.
  • Emily seems to enjoy playing hide and seek.
  • Emily talks in her sleep, and is hinted to have seen the Outsider in one of her nightmares.
  • If Corvo's chaos is high, Emily draws a picture of him with his mask, standing on a pile of bodies, with a bloody sword in hand, as well as a picture of a huge rat with an extremely large mouth looming over someone.
    • In contrast, if Corvo's chaos is low, Emily will draw a picture of him without his mask, with the word "daddy" on it.
  • In her room in the Hound Pits pub, she has several items, which she claims to have found by "digging".
  • In Dunwall Tower, there is a secret room behind one of the fireplaces, in which her mother has created an audiolog for her.
    • This audiolog details how much that Jessamine has weighing on her shoulders because of the rat plague, and how much she loves Emily. It also mentions Corvo and his influence on the girl. Despite this, the audiolog was never made aware to Emily, as Jessamine was killed before Emily could hear it.


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