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An Emily doll.

"If I ever see my doll again I'm going to declare a holiday across the Empire!"
—Emily Kaldwin

Emily Dolls are items found in the Dunwall City Trials DLC. There is one in each trial and collecting all ten dolls unlocks the achievement Mrs. Pilsen's Remorse.

In the main storyline of Dishonored, the doll is given the name "Mrs. Pilsen" by Emily Kaldwin. Emily claims to have had the doll with her during the assassination of the Empress, but lost her in the chaos.

In Dishonored 2, the doll is found as a souvenir in the mission Death to the Empress. It is unknown if Emily did indeed declare a national holiday.


Each of the trials has a doll hidden in a specific location on the map:

Mystery Foe On top of a lump of rock protruding from a wall in the room with Lord Brisby and a courtesan. Dark Vision is useful.
Burglar In a secret room on the fourth floor; after activating the lamp on the staircase and getting the coin and ingot, turn back to the table, and the doll will appear along with another coin.
Back Alley Brawl On the crane attached to the building that creates an internal corner and quite high up. Get up on top of the building; using the sheets of metal and chains, blink onto the crane and grab the doll.
Assassin's Run In the third room, on top of a bookcase in the alcove from which the weepers spawn.
Oil Drop In the bushes directly to the front. Hitting a green whale oil tank and then scanning the bushes is useful in recovering it.
Bend Time Massacre On a sheet of metal floating past the main arena. Blink up onto the walls, and walk along the path up to the doll.
Kill Chain In the crawl space under the main arena. From the starting position, go to the north-east corner of the warehouse, and look for a set of rocks next to some train stoppers (one on the ground, one floating in the Void). Walk towards the rocks and drop down. The doll will be to the right, several steps into the crawl space.
Bonfires On a small island floating above the main game area, in a tree. Run up the slanting building at the back-left corner, and sprint or use Agility/Blink to land on it then walk to the tree.
Train Runner In the first purple lit room before the locked gate. Blink inside, and then look on the back of the floating painting to find it.
Kill Cascade In a dilapidated guard post in the final target area. Before dropping down, blink into the guard post, and the doll will be at the highest part.


  • A side quest about finding Mrs. Pilsen was cut from Dishonored.[1][2]



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