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Emily's tower.

"So I get to stay in a smaller tower while I live here? That'll be good practice."
—Emily, comparing her tower to Dunwall Tower

Emily's tower is a building located near the Hound Pits Pub, beside Piero's Workshop and connected to Corvo Attano's quarters via an elevated bridge of scrap metal.


After Corvo rescues Emily Kaldwin from the Golden Cat in the House of Pleasure mission, Emily and Callista Curnow take up residence in the tower. If Corvo chooses to visit the tower when returning to the Hound Pits Pub between missions, information about Emily can be found there in the form of items, books, notes, and audiographs. Additionally, some interactions with Emily and Callista that take place exclusively in the tower help to give Corvo a glimpse into Emily's daily life and adjustment after the death of her mother.

If Corvo's chaos is low at the start of the mission The Loyalists, he will find Callista barricaded in the tower, hiding from Farley Havelock's City Watch forces. Regardless of chaos, the flare gun Corvo needs to signal Samuel Beechworth is found here during the same mission.


  • If Corvo follows Emily and Callista to the tower after the House of Pleasure mission, Emily can be heard asking Callista if her mother is really dead, or if she managed to survive the assassins' attack. When Callista confirms that her mother has passed, Emily asks if her funeral was nice.
  • If Corvo visits Emily's Tower after completing The Royal Physician mission and before going to rest, he will find Emily thrashing and talking in her sleep, at one point mentioning a man with black eyes.
  • If Corvo tells Emily to go back to her tower after she wakes him up at the start of Lady Boyle's Last Party, she will tell him the tower is haunted, and that she even saw a ghost once: the same man with black eyes. This sighting could have been caused by the rune she puts under her pillow that, according to her at the start of Return to the Tower, causes her bad dreams.
  • Many of Callista's audiographs on tutoring Emily can be found here, as well as audiographs made by Emily herself.