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"Oh hello. I'm Ella. Enjoy the party...if you can."
—Ella to Corvo
Ella emma02

Ella Triss.

Miss Ella Triss is an aristocrat and a party guest at the Boyle Mansion during Lady Boyle's Last Party.

She can be encountered in the library wearing a mask of mint and red and gossiping with a male aristocrat about the Brimsleys. After another aristocrat joins in on the conversation, Ella reveals "details" about the Brimsleys' strange rituals and their Outsider worship.

Corvo has the option of speaking with Ella, during which she will first introduce herself as "Ella" and then let him know about the valuables upstairs and in the cellar.


  • Aside from their masks, Thalia Timsh wears the exact same clothing as Ella Triss and Mattie in Lady Boyle's Last Party.
  • Ella is referred to as "Emma" in some cases. Whether Ella is the "Emma" that Mattie and the other aristocrats outside can be heard gossiping about is unknown.
    • According to local gossip, Emma is at the Boyle Mansion "looking for a handout" even though the Boyles are not known for their generosity.
    • Mattie comments on Emma's poor fashion taste, and the group of aristocrats considers going inside the mansion to make fun of her clothing. It should be noted that with the exception of their masks, Ella and Mattie wear exactly the same outfit.
    • The aristocrats standing outside mention that she asked them to wait for her by the curb. This somewhat suggests that Emma is "friends" with Mattie and the others.
      • Mattie complains that she will catch the plague while standing outside, and Harold replies that Emma "would like that."