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The bootleg elixir still at the Dunwall Whiskey Distillery.

Elixir Accounts is a book in Dishonored. It contains a list of families, individuals and establishments in Dunwall that receive a bootleg version of Sokolov's Elixir from the Bottle Street Gang's black market operation.


Next Batch

Tubbard Family -- 4 doses
Crammling Family -- 3 doses
Braeden Family -- 5 doses
Golden Cat -- 2 crates
Bitterleaf Almshouse -- 1 crate
Ed Knack -- 1 dose
Luther -- 1 dose
Black Sally -- 2 crates
Griff -- past due.
Trace Flannery -- 2 doses
Pratchett Family -- 5 doses
Nelly & Morris Sullivan -- 2 doses


This book can be found inside the Dunwall Whiskey Distillery during the High Overseer Campbell mission, on Slackjaw's desk near the elixir still.