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Elinor, smoking.

"It’s locked. That area’s private, get it? But I can let you in for, say, 100 coin."
—Elinor, accepting a bribe

Elinor is a minor character in Death of the Outsider. A former witch and now a member of the Eyeless, one of her duties is guarding the entrance to the Albarca Baths.


Before joining the Eyeless, Elinor was a witch under Breanna Ashworth. When the coven disbanded and she lost her powers, Elinor was one of the witches to join the Eyeless, tempted by the rumors of black magic circulating the gang.

In the Eyeless, Elinor was close friends with an Eyeless member named Morena. After the Brute killed Maudey, a friend of Morena's, Elinor was Morena's only friend at the Albarca Baths. Morena eventually left to join the Wynnedown Guard, but invited Morena to visit her if she could.

Death of the Outsider[]


Elinor by the door she is guarding.

When Billie Lurk arrives at the Albarca Baths, Elinor is sitting on a bench to the left of the main entrance. If Billie tries to open the restricted door to the right of the entrance, Elinor will informs her that the area is private, but offers to open the door for 100 coin. Should Billie accept this deal, Elinor knocks on the door and demands for it to be opened. She also informs Billie that, should she be detected, they "never met".

Even though the other side of the door registers as a hostile area, Elinor will not react to Billie's presence. However, should Billie anger any other gang member near Elinor, she will join in the fight.