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Elias Fruit Thief

Elias being strung up.

"Anyway he's not moving anymore so maybe I killed him?"
—Aristocrat to a Lady

Elias is a minor character in Dishonored 2. He was a servant in the Grand Palace and his corpse can be found in the garden during the mission The Grand Palace.


Elias used to steal fruits from the Palace giving them to a lady named Cindy. Cindy didn't like the idea because it was risky and was scared of the consequences, in particular, Duke Luca Abele's punishment. Despite this, Elias convinced her that it's the best fruit and to accept his deliveries.

However, Elias was caught in the Palace by the Fourth Corporal Chen of the Grand Guard during one of his runs. Captain Sandoval, acting on the demands of Duke Luca to deal with the thief, told Corporal Chen to humiliate him or make him pay a fine. He was then hung up on a large target board so the aristocrats could throw things at him for their own entertainment, several even placing bets. Unfortunately for the thief, he was eventually killed in the process.

Dishonored 2[]

When Corvo Attano or Emily Kaldwin arrives at the Grand Palace to deal with Duke Luca Abele, Elias's corpse is attached to a target board on a balcony while various aristocrats who are making bets and are tossing things at him. A conversation can be heard between a lady and a man discussing their wagers, and whether or not Elias is dead or merely fainted before laughing and drunkenly walking away.