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"The Void is a constant presence in our lives, yet we know nothing about it. It remains a place of dreams and memories. In my work, I've tried to illuminate some small portion of this eternal mystery."
—Eleuterio Cienfuegos[1]

Collectible Paintings by Eleuterio Cienfuegos, as found in Dishonored: Death of the Outsider, primarily centered around the Void and those connected to it. All collected paintings will appear aboard the Dreadful Wale or in Billie Lurk's safehouse in Cyria Gardens. Collecting all six painting in a single playthrough will unlock the Art Aficionado achievement.


Mission Painting Location
Follow the Ink "The Summit Illuminated" Above Cienfuegos Pharmacy.
"Impression of the Void n˚3" Top floor of the house belonging to Shan Yun.
"Impression of the Void n˚2"
The Bank Job "The Lonely Rat Boy" Auction of Eleuterio Cienfuegos' belongings
"Impression of the Void n˚4" On the third level of the Dolores Michaels Deposit & Loan Bank on the outer atrium.
"Impression of the Void n˚1" In the Archives of the Dolores Michaels Deposit & Loan Bank in a side area past the electrified floor section.