A newspaper article featuring Cienfuegos.

Eleuterio Cienfuegos was a pharmacist, painter, and owner of the Cienfuegos Pharmacy in the Upper Cyria District of Karnaca. While deceased and not seen in-game, his various paintings of The Void can be found around the city.

He is the father of Teresia Cienfuegos.


While appearing to be a family man and a notable resident of the Upper Cyria District on the surface, Cienfuegos was in fact a secret member of the Eyeless Gang and its associated cultist leaders. He was known to have made various paintings of the Void as part of his obsession with the occult. Ultimately, he betrayed the Eyeless by attempting to send various documents pertaining to the location of the Shindaerey North Quarry to Royal Conservatory curator Breanna Ashworth; as a result, the Eyeless had him murdered by City Administrator Ivan Jacobi, who bled him dry in an exsanguination ritual, and dumped his remains in an alley. Following his death, which baffled both the Grand Guard and residents of the Upper Cyria District, his family assets were seized by the Dolores Michaels Deposit & Loan Bank, much to the dismay of his grieving daughter, Teresia.

Death of the Outsider

Across Karnaca, various examples of Cienfuegos' paintings can be found; many of them in reality actual impressions of the Void that he painted while studying it with the Eyeless. Billie has the option to reveal his murderer as City Administrator and fellow Eyeless cultist Ivan Jacobi by opening up a painting in Jacobi's office that contains a vial of Cienfuegos' blood and incriminating notes. Additionally, since his death, his assets have been seized by banker Dolores Michaels and auctioned off to wealthy aristocrats at Colibron Plaza. Billie can sneak into the plaza and use Semblance in order to win the auction and take the laudanum Cienfuegos owned while working in the pharmacy in order to aid her in breaking into the Dolores Michaels Deposit & Loan Bank.


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