Electrified Floors are new security systems introduced in Dishonored: Death of the Outsider. They cover floor areas to detect and attack intruders.


An electrified floor is a whale oil-powered device deployed to secure a floor from intruders. It consists of several electromagnetic nodes similar in design to an arc pylon's, but smaller in scale. When powered, they produce an horizontal current field on a specific floor area. Like walls of light, anyone not attuned to the device and entering the field (stepping on the secured floor) triggers a discharge. It can disintegrate any foreign objects being thrown in the area or stun its targets, at the cost of a quarter of a whale oil tank for humans and a full depletion for Clockwork Sentinels. Billie Lurk is permanently knocked out instead.

Like most walls of light, arc pylons and watchtowers, electrified floors are connected to a whale oil tank receptacle and a rewirable security panel. However, the poles, panel and receptacle, are connected to each other under the floor. Those cables can only be seen by using Foresight or Dark Vision.


Only three electrified floors are encountered in Death of the Outsider: one in Shan Yun's gallery, another in the security wing leading to the Vault control of the Dolores Michaels Deposit & Loan Bank, and one in the basement of the same building.


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