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Electrical Bursts are dart-like projectiles used exclusively in the voltaic gun. They can either be non-lethal or lethal, depending on the firing mode of the weapon. With normal firing mode, the darts discharge electrical fluxes upon contact, which shock and knock out the target. With the charged shot upgrade, electrical bursts can be supercharged and will instead disintegrate the victim completely, resulting in a kill. When loaded into the voltaic gun, electrical bursts rotate slowly around their own axis. Electrical discharges can be seen generated between the prongs at their tips.

Electrical bursts are discovered and named by an Eyeless called Leon. He found some old wall of light parts and managed to salvage these components. Since then the Eyeless gang started to use them to stun and intimidate people. One of the Eyeless was knocked out cold for hours because she licked the tip of a dart on a bet.[1]

Usage Tips[]

  • Targets shot by electrical bursts will scream before being knocked out, alerting nearby enemies.
  • Charged electrical bursts completely vaporize targets, thus are useful in stealthy High Chaos runs.
  • Charged electrical bursts can disable clockwork soldiers and envisioned for a few seconds.


Upgrade Name Cost Requirement Effect
Voltaic Gun Reload Speed 300 Coins N/A Faster reload.
Electrical Burst 450 Coins N/A Enables Black Market shops to sell Electrical Bursts.
Charged Shot 700 Coins N/A Increases damage and enables various alternate functions.


  • Leon, one of the Eyeless, claimed electrical bursts power wall of lights.[1] Since wall of lights are powered by whale oil or windmills, it is unclear whether his claim is true or not.
  • In a concept art, electrical bursts are called "electric darts".