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"I am Eithne, Queen of Morley. And I have been wanting to speak to you for quite some time."
—Eithne to Billie Lurk during their first introduction

Queen Eithne, also known as Her Majesty Queen Eithne of the Four Chairs, is a noble and one of the co-rulers of Morley during the events of Dishonored 2, The Return of Daud, and Dishonored: The Veiled Terror. She is married to King Briam and like him is first introduced in The Veiled Terror, though events she is involved in are mentioned as early as Dishonored 2.


Eithne is described as roughly middle-aged[1], very tall and very thin, with jet-black hair falling to her waist.[2] She often dresses in the attire of other noblewomen of the era; when she first encounters Billie Lurk, she is wearing a green pantsuit with gold buttons running all the way down the middle from neck to waist with a sleeveless tunic, and thin black gloves that came up past the elbow.

She appears highly intelligent and possesses a great deal of insight into people, surprising even Billie Lurk with information she has of the ex-Whaler's life and personal history.

The Veiled Terror[]

It is revealed that Queen Eithne was involved in a three-day civil war with her husband and co-ruler of Morley, King Briam that brought substantial ruin to the city of Alba in 1852.


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