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Edgar Render
"How'd it come to this? Lizzy's on her way. I just know it. Might as well slit my own throat."
—Edgar Wakefield

Edgar Wakefield is the former second-in-command of the Dead Eels, who betrayed leader Lizzy Stride and stole her ship, the Undine. After freeing Lizzy from Coldridge Prison, Daud agrees to take revenge against Wakefield and retrieve the Undine.

The Brigmore Witches[]

The Eels have mixed feelings about Wakefield, some believing that he is "in over his head" as the Hatters threaten the group's survival, and conflict between the two gangs continues to escalate.

The gang itself is in turmoil as the Dead Eels cope with the new change in authority. The Eels criticize Wakefield for not keeping his word when making a deal, calling him a "cheat", and also note that he does not "have fun" like Lizzy did when she was the boss. One Eel reveals that Wakefield has, in the past, had Lizzy loyalists stuffed into bags and thrown overboard into the river, suggesting that Wakefield may rely more on fear than loyalty to keep the gang members in line. He does, however, have a few supporters, such as Ferris and Annabelle.

A Hatter spy notes that, "Wakefield has been rooting out Lizzy loyalists and chasing them off or making an example out of them with some gruesome killing," adding that he doesn't "think [Wakefield]'s got much of a hold on this gang, and things are likely to fly apart before long,"[1] and indeed, Wakefield confesses that he is "starting to think [he] bit off more than [he] can chew."[2] Wakefield's image was further damaged after the recent theft of the Undine's engine coil by the Hatters.


  • If Daud chooses to only knock out Wakefield and leave him unconscious on the boat, Wakefield will have been killed by Lizzy by the time Daud returns to the Undine.
  • As with all assassination targets, if Daud chooses to kill Wakefield with his sword, a special animation will play in which Daud stabs him in the eye and then proceeds to slowly pull the blade out.
    • Unlike many of the DLC assassination targets' death animations, which are reused from the main game, Wakefield's is unique. Which makes him the third target in the DLC besides Delilah Copperspoon and Billie Lurk to have a unique assassination animation.