The Dunwall Courier is a newspaper located in Dunwall. The Courier's office is located in the Tower District.


After numerous murders happened in Dunwall, the Courier started calling the murderer 'The Crown Killer', eventually linking Empress Emily Kaldwin and Royal Protector Corvo Attano to the killings.

During Delilah Copperspoon's coup, the building is visited by a corrupt member of the City Watch who demands that the Courier immediately prints a message declaring Delilah the new empress and Corvo and Emily traitors. The printer, Simon, refuses and, should Corvo or Emily not interfere, is murdered by the guard.

During Delilah's destructive reign, the Courier remains intact and can be visited upon the protagonist's return to Dunwall. If the printer has been saved or never visited at all, he will have published an article claiming that Emily and Corvo have been falsely accused of the Crown Killer murders.



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