The Textile Mill.

The Drapers Ward Textile Mill is a location off Drapers Ward where the Hatters have made their territory. The area consists of a spacious yard with many pipes running from the factory, a canal leading to the sewer, and a storeroom.

The Hatters use the Mill primarily to manufacture death shrouds for plague victims. It is divided into four levels: The first level where the dry goods room and the manufacturing floor are located, the second floor reserved for the Geezer, and the third floor where Nurse Trimble's laboratory can be found. The locked engine room can be found in the basement, and it is connected to the Drapers Ward Sewer.

The Mill is guarded by both Hatters and Sokolov technology, introduced by Trimble. A wall of light blocks off the main entrance to the building, where the canal turns the waterwheel, and across a nearby door frame (with no door) are tripwires that, if triggered, will set off the alarm on the wall above.


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