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Drapers Ward Sewer System.

The Drapers Ward Sewer System is an area accessible from the canal next to the Drapers Ward Textile Mill.

Areas in the sewer include: various tunnels infested with river krusts and rats, the nexus – a spacious circular area with a platform in the center, a small room containing a statue of Delilah, and the Water Control Station. It also has a locked door leading to the engine room at The Mill that can be opened with the correct combination.

Water Control Station[]

The Water Control Station consists of three levels: The main level contains many large machines meant to control the flow of water from the canal to The Mill, and upper levels are used to gain access to the taller machines. The lower level is dark and overgrown with roots, and four weepers can be found wandering the main room. The main room also has two large wheels, which turn when the machines in the station are in commission. The room branching off of the main one contains many fans, one of which is broken, and beyond that is a room with tools and a corpse and a closed-off room with an Outsider Shrine.

There is an alternate way into the station via a door leading from the tunnels to the supply room, but the key is located inside the room itself, so it is necessary to enter through the main door when first visiting the station.

The Brigmore Witches[]

The sewers are accessible in the The Brigmore Witches DLC during the mission The Dead Eels, by using Trimble's key in the Drapers Ward Textile Mill. Here, Daud may restore the water flow to the Millenary Canal and retrieve the key to the apartment of Pete, the mechanic.


  • The sewer is connected to the Dunwall Sewers, which are made up of a series of interconnected sewers systems.[1]
  • According to Trimble, the sewer has been around since before the Kaldwin dynasty.