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The Riverfront.

The Drapers Ward Riverfront is a location adjacent to Drapers Ward, and one of the primary locations of the mission The Dead Eels. It is the headquarters of the Dead Eels Gang, and as such there is a large concentration of thugs patrolling the area.

The docks feature some rundown houses, numerous rail cars on the loading docks, and an open area of water that connects to the Wrenhaven River. Lizzy Stride's ship the Undine can be found here. From this location, the Dead Eels are able to access both the river and the contested territory of Drapers Ward, making it an optimal location to encourage territorial expansion.


  • Aside from train carts, a rail car can be found on the Undine.
  • The docks on the riverfront were built on the site of a ruined structure much older than Dunwall.[1]