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Hypatia at work.

Dr. Alexandria Hypatia's Health is a written note found in Dishonored 2.


It seems you were right to think Dr. Hypatia is sick. I just overheard Dr. Vasco muttering to himself, talking about a cure he's working on. It must be very serious. Alexandria Hypatia has been so good to us all, and if she can't continue her work on elixirs and other treatments, then a lot of people in Karnaca will suffer.

Speaking of which, it's true that she doesn't eat much these days. We should go to the market when we're allowed and buy some fresh vegetables. We can make her favourite soup, which should do her good.

Anyway, Duke Luca Abele claims to have closed Addermire so that she could improve her formula, but working so much and being so lonely is never good for anyone.



This note can be found near the kitchen at Addermire Institute during the mission The Good Doctor.