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Dolores Michaels.

Dolores Michaels is a character in Death of the Outsider.


Dolores Michaels is the owner of the Dolores Michaels Deposit & Loan Bank in Upper Cyria. In addition, Dolores is the leader of the Eyeless gang. Having been tasked by the Cult of the Outsider to protect the Twin-bladed Knife, Dolores has locked the blade in the high-security Elevator vault of her bank. The safe can only be opened with three keys. Two of the keys have been given to Dolores' associates and high-ranking Eyeless members Shan Yun and Ivan Jacobi. The third key remains with Dolores.

Death of the Outsider[]

Billie Lurk can find Dolores in the manager's office of the bank. She is talking to Meryl Jennett. The two discussed the security mechanisms of the bank because Jennett was concerned about whether her jewels were safe to keep in the bank. Dolores assured her that the bank had the best security in the Isles. Dolores explained that they have specially trained guards, electrified floor, a sophisticated passcode systems, and a vault designed by Kirin Jindosh himself.

Billie can kill Dolores or just knock her out. After solving her, Billie needs to open the button located at Dolores' desk, which will open Dolores' safe box, where she can obtain Dolores' vault keys and her journal. From Dolores' journal, it can be seen what she desires from the void - she longs for Immortality.


Dolores is shown to be quite vain and egotistical indicated by her journal. She seems to care little for the lives her bank has ruined and cares little for human life in general. Her reason for joining the Eyeless stems from her want to gain immortality, similar to the other Eyeless leaders, each having an obsession. She also doesn't truly believe in the Eyeless's goals and ideologies, merely seeing them as a means to an end to gain immortality.


  • Dolores Michaels is voiced by Siedah Garret.[1]
  • Dolores seems to know about the Eyepiece of Billie Lurk.[2]
  • She also recorded her voice for all the Sentinels found in the bank.
  • Her combat skill may equal to that of an Elite, for she is capable of but not limited to advanced movesets such as dodging, feinting, kicking, and shooting.



  2. Your eye! Where did you steal that piece of the Void?.