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Galvani's idol.

Doctor Galvani's Memoir is a book found in Death of the Outsider.



The 28th day of the Month of High Cold. The most important day of my life.

It was after High Table, when we professors retired to our common room. Between tastings of wine and Morleyan cheeses, we discussed our work. I had recently returned to the Academy of Natural Philosophy as a lecturer, speaking on the various blood-borne diseases transmitted by Serkonan fauna.

It was well into the evening that Anton Sokolov himself appeared.

He preferred to dine alone, and so I had not yet encountered him during my residence. The man was followed by the stink of brandy, as he often was, but when he spotted me he swept his arms wide and bellowed.

"Galvani! Come here, come here!" The great man himself beckoned me to join him!

Though disheveled by drink, he had not yet shed the embroidered gown of his high office as the Academy's head. The gold needlework glimmered, depicting celestial patterns in the night's sky. I was enchanted. He poured me a glass of Tyvian red and thrust it into my hands.

What followed was undoubtedly the most stimulating conversation of my life.


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