Doctor's Notes is a written note found in Dishonored 2.


Low Chaos


Let the record show that I did try! When Addermire closed I tried my best to take on all their bloodfly cases. Void help me, I even took out an advertisement in the Karnaca Gazette! And come they did. Sometimes with cases so advanced, the larvae ready to burst through the skin. I had to turn them away lest they contaminate all the other patients, and myself!

The whole dreadful business has become a danger to me. If I don't protect my own health, how can I cure others? My things are packed. I have purchased passage to Wynnedown. What a relief it will be to treat scurvy and chilblains after all these hideous bloodfly infections.

High Chaos


That fool! Bringing his wife in with such an advanced case of bloodfly fever! My anger boiled over. I demanded he explain why he waited so long to seek treatment. Alas, he was so slow-witted it's a wonder he managed to find a doctor's office at all. Of course there was nothing I could do for her.

The waiting room was full before noon. As it has been every day since Addermire closed its doors. I do the best I can. I set out medicines ahead of time, and keep the office open two full hours past dark. But no matter how hard I toil, no matter what new efficiencies I try, I can't keep ahead of them all! I admit, there are so many advanced cases lately, I now fear for my own health and safety.


This note can be found in a clinic situated between the Overseer outpost and the bloodfly-infested apartment during the mission Edge of the World.

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