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Doctor's Accounting Book is a book found in Dishonored 2.


Mr. Acosta
Symptoms: Acute shortness of breath, persistent rattle in the left lung, headache.
Remedy: Recommended inhalation of vaporated sorrel fluids to clear lung obstruction. Followed by a mixture of ice and salt, applied at both temples to relieve headache.
Payment: Coupons from Santiago Fisheries. Probably two weeks worth of fish.

Mrs. Gaspar
Symptoms: Insomnia, dry hands, cramping of the stomach.
Remedy: Recommended eating four small onions before retiring to red, to fight insomnia. Daily calf packings soaked in vinegar and distilled leech serum.
Payment: She'll mend my shirts and pants. I can pick them up at the end of the week.

Mr. Viteri
Symptoms: Nosebleed, toothache, weak nerves.
Remedy: Symptoms possibly related to bloodfly stings. For bleeding at the nose, tilt back the head and engage in vigorous motion of the jaws, as if in the act of mastication. Daily injections of purified River Krust ichor will strengthen the weak nerves.
Payment: Half mutton. Doesn't look fresh. I'll boil it when I can get to it, to eliminate infestation or parasites.


This book can be found in a bloodfly-infested apartment in the Howlers' territory in the Dust District during the mission of the same name.