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This page compiles all Written Notes from the Dishonored Roleplaying Game. Since they do not have any title, they are listed below by chapters.

Chapter 8 - On the Banks of the Wrenhaven[]

First Note[]

"It’s the Watch that haunts us, worse even than the Bottle Streeters coming to claim their “protection” money every week as regular as sunrise. But those lads are just after the coin. The Watch want something more, as if they grow themselves by making the rest of us feel small. They swagger in and take what they like, then break things for no reason but to watch young Ichabod weep.

Had they not taken away Sally Blackmoor and closed her shop, I don’t believe we could shoulder the load of the Watch’s looting of our wares. But with Rebecca’s shop empty, her customers come to us or to Gray Isaac two lanes over. I hate feeling thankful for the misfortune of others, but that’s life in Dunwall for everybody. It’s a city of mixed blessings.

I worry most about the new recruit, a pock-faced Morleyan who won’t give his name. The way he looks at little Icky is not the way any father wants a man with power to look at his child. Mark me, he will one day try to put his hands on him. When that day comes, it may be our shop closed and me taken to Coldridge. Perhaps Gray Isaac will use some of what profits he gets from my custom to help whoever the Watch leaves behind.

Maybe the Bottle Streeters can help me with the new man. They take their money for protection after all."
—page 115

Second Note[]

"Dear Sirs,

My Client, Olivia Rockhill, has sufficiently proven the legitimacy of her claim to the property at the corners of Sycamore and Everlast streets. Despite this proof, word has reached our offices that your work crews continue to tear down the building at that address. Moreover, it is alleged they threatened violence against the legitimate agents of Madame Rockhill when they arrived to serve legal notice of her claim.

We will be vigorously pursuing recompense for the damage to the property, and possible criminal proceedings against the thuggery of certain members of your work crew. As of now, you are instructed to desist all operations on Olivia Rockhill’s property is resolved in a proper court of law.

Yours Obediently, Etc,

Barrister Joshua Rivershead"
—page 116

Third Note[]

Brigmoore Witches promotional screenshot

The Dead Eels.

"Dear Mum,

You willn’t buleve my luck, tho I do not wish to temp fate by caling it such too often. With the Navy but three weeks, I have reseeved an officer’s commision. The Dead Eels set upon a merchant vessel, and we of the good Empress’s Vessel Catherine’s Revenge saved her. Reel heros we was, even your own little son, tho I won’t truble you with the details of what risks I took to life and lim while we were at sord’s point and musket’s end.

Sad to say my boss Ensign Corwin Orsloff was struck by a splinter long as a tall man’s leg during the fray. It took him in the middles, and though he hanged on for three days, the injury proved greater than the man. Captain Stella herself choose me as his replacement, so you are the Proud Mother of a Navy Officer now.

I have enclosed my share of the prize money from the capture of the Dead Eel’s vessel. I hope it is all right with you that I have kept all of my first Officer’s pay packet, as I am in need of a more suitable uniform as fits my stashon.


Your Billy

(Called “Big Bill” by my men and women, now)"
—page 116

Chapter 9 - The Jewel of the South[]

First Note[]

Bone Charm Level 2
"Erinn, my dearest sister. My heart goes out to you upon reading of the passing of Ricard. I pray this letter finds you in good health, and that the fever that took him has not yet reached you or your sweet boy.

I hear the fear in the lines you send me. I wish I could allay it with prophecy, but my gift fails me. I am not alone, alas! Few of us have been able to bring forth a vision of the future with any degree of confidence. And if we, the Sisters of the Order, falter in our duty, how can anyone be safe?

I must beg your forgiveness for what I am about to write. My duty forces me to study the words of our enemies. They disgust me with details of the craven rituals the Outsider demands of his followers. Yet I have also found evidence of bonecharms that might serve to protect the bearer from the Bloodfly Fever. If it be true, how could I keep it from you? Please, take the enclosed coin and make haste to the Black Market located near Canal Plaza. If you do not dare so open a venue, you may find another near home in the Aventa Quarter. Be forewarned. You may be recognized. There you will find the bonecharms of which I speak. I betray my oath in so doing, but I cannot bear to lose you, too.

Write back when you return.

All my heart,

Your dearest sister,

—page 167

Second Note[]


Yes, yes, I swore I’d never speak to your wretched face again. Spare me your feigned surprise and shock. I write with a warning and a request. The former should more than pay for the latter.

The so-called Grand Guard grows bolder. My assistant had the temerity to suggest their taxes lacked the backing of law. They promptly raised the price they demand to keep my shop open, calling me a filthy black marketeer! My line of goods are the best in the business—spare me once again your denials—and even my finest upgrade was not enough to buy them off. That is my warning. Take heed.

I heard you have dealings with the Howlers as well. They offer a service to keep the Guards busy, but their price is little better. I doubt their ability to prevent the Guard from taking their due. We must avoid sinking our trade by paying both parties. Sadly, in this we must stand together.

As for the other matter, my assistant has since left my employ. I am seeking a trustworthy sort, familiar with the work and goods we traffic in. Perhaps you have another rich boy in suspenders you can spare until I train a new one. That is the request. I would ask another shopkeeper, but I find you the least useless of them all.

No need to respond. Simply send your clerk round in the morning.

Horatio Weatherby"
—page 168

Third Note[]

"Whoever finds this,

Not much time. Bloodflies circle. Can't breathe. Hiding from Overseers and Guardsman. No one ever warned me about those without eyes. They the ones I'm scared of.

Wanna come clean now. Strictures tell me I should've ages ago. Never figured it'd end like this. Couple lads came round when I was headed out to the mines. Tough work, but we needed to eat. They had a better idea.

I took the bait. Brought me to the baths. Fancy one. Now full of fighting and horror. Didn't care at first. Won a bit. A bit more. Said I'd make more if I fought dirty. Just a little. Faces of the people I beat, can't get out of my head. Felt like I was sleepwalking. Gave me the ink. Called me unstoppable. Till I had that one poor sod, under my fist... Wouldn't let me stop. Them with no eyes. I ran. Back to the dust and grime. Can't breathe. Can't go back to who I was. Came back to bury myself where I started. Whoever finds this don't take the ink. The void will com-"
—page 168

Fourth Note[]

Karnaca Vista Trailer Still D2
"Dear Alexandra,
How delighted I am to have taken your advice to summer in Karnaca. A far cry from the hubbub of Dunwall. Their carriages go about without a conductor, can you imagine? The incessant wind powers them through curious windmills that pop up everywhere. I get ahead of myself.

I am loathe to mention the journey here. Sailing down the Grand Serkonan Canal gave me aches in the stomach and head. These blasted sailors barely know their job! You may deem me pompous for thinking so. Imagine my horror in discovering that I was more than right. The Guard had impressed them for failure to pay the Gate toll!

I am now firmly ensconced within Cyria Gardens. Or Upper Cyria—the precise name escapes me. So quaint this little district with its canals and night lamps. Their finest buildings sit among ancient trees. A pity so much has closed. A mite infestation at the Royal Conservatory? I’m left to wonder whether this a capital or a backwoods.

You will laugh at me. I did manage to seduce a singer into joining me for a cocktail. No, not Shan Yun. Mama will be so cross if I spend the whole summer here without hearing his voice. They say he frequents the Proctor Club, open only to private members and elite clientele. Wait till they meet me. I shall endeavor to secure an invitation.

All very exciting!

Suffice it to say, I have been on an adventure ever since leaving Dunwall. I’ll endeavor to write back with all the secrets I unearth in Karnaca. I am determined never to succumb to boredom.

Your friend as ever,
—page 169

Chapter 10 - Beyond these Shores[]

First Note[]

"In the beginning, Morley belonged to the witches and hags. When you hear whispers in the fog or songs in the raindrops, it’s those who have touched the Void communing with us, or so the myths say.

The most powerful coven held what is now Wynnedown.

When the people begged to let them stay, the witches asked, “What have you to offer?”

“Bread and fish.”

The witches frowned.

A little girl came up to them. “A song?” And, she sang.

The witches turned to each other. “Show us more.”

And, so the people did, dancing, philosophizing, performing...

The witches nodded. “Keep creating. Keep learning. This is the price of Wynnedown. This land is yours until you can no longer pay for it.”

The legends claim that the witches didn’t leave. They lived nearby, so that they could watch the people of Wynnedown thrive.

That is why we call this city the haven for the inventive. We will never stop creating. It’s the price we agreed to.

Sosanna Driscoll, Amateur Archaeologist, Poet, Morleyan"
—page 206

Second Note[]

Tyvian hound painting 1
"I am from Meya. There, the howls of the hounds start as soon as the sun dips below the horizon.

We can’t stay in the safety of the city. Hunters must hunt. Miners must mine. We lose people to the storms, the cold, and the animals every year.

In our city, our parents tell our children that the people who vanish into the wilderness become the hounds, hungry for warmth and human flesh, trapped in fur and wildness. They no longer remember what it is to be human. So, for us, it’s a kindness to kill a hound and release the person it was.

We hunt them only when they start roaming close to the city. They are formidable beasts and difficult to outsmart. It truly is as if they once had a person’s mind. It takes a coordinated group of the most talented to kill them... and even then, it’s dangerous.

The scars on my face and my missing eye are testament to that, to them, I suppose.

It reminds me to always respect the hounds of Tyvia.

Dasha Katko, Hunter, Fur Trader, Tyvia"
—page 214

Third Note[]

"Right after the War of Four Crowns, this was a fledgling Empire, still trying to find its way. Admiral Diamante Bromwell whispered in the Emperor’s ear that controlling the seas and eradicating the pirates would help ensure his legacy. Emperor Morgengaard I gave her a fleet of ships. She pointed her fleet toward the open ocean and began to capture brigands and sink ships. Nellie Trivett took issue with this. She rallied the pirates and orchestrated attack after attack on Bromwell’s fleet. The fighting was fierce, but Nellie kept at it, chipping away at Bromwell’s ships. Finally, Captain Trivett broke through Admiral Bromwell’s fleet and marched her army toward the capital.

The fight was bloody, but the pirates were winning. The outcasts and rogues were about to bring the young Empire to its knees.

But, then a cry rang out across the battlefield. An assassin had killed Nellie Trivett. The tides turned. The pirates retreated.

After that, Gristol made sure their navy was the strongest. But, they learned that the high seas would always belong to us. And, it’s all thanks to Nellie Trivett.

Myrtle Chisnell, Former One-Eyed Belle, Retired Pirate, Keeper of Tales"
—page 222

Chapter 12 - The Oil Trail[]

First Note[]

"After the 28th day of the Month of Songs, there’s a period (often lasting one to two days) that is said by the Overseers to "exist outside the calendar".

During the Fugue Feast, people are free to act without any sort of legal repercussions, resulting in the temporary breakdown of social order. Nobles tend to plan in advance for it, leaving the urban centers or walling themselves off, often setting out to practise their own brand of debauchery while the lower classes experience true chaos, as it ravages the streets of the Empire."
—page 307

Second Note[]

"Lady Coldridge,

As arranged, we are set to sort out LO. Once he is in power, Kaldwin has agreed to pass your motion along with the many concessions we’ve required, with special care to carry it out as soon as the war is over.

The people of Morley will see the war prisoners as patriots, now dedicated to the honorable cause of paying for reparations. This doesn’t just mean you’ll get to continue with the current methodology, but that most of the maintenance of the main correctional facilities (as well as those currently in construction) will be funded at a rate of 80% by the Empire.

Kaldwin sees you as a great contributor to the Empire’s cause, an honourable member of the ruling class who has taken to the arduous task of reforming tens of thousands of insurrects.

It’s only fitting that you choose to do with them whatever you like.

—page 310