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The Dishonored Gamemaster's Toolkit is a physical game supplement for the Dishonored Roleplaying Game. This new tabletop RPG kit is designed by Modiphius Entertainment and is set within the Dishonored video game universe created by Arkane Studios. The physical release is set to be shipped out March of 2022, while the pdf is available now.

The Gamemaster's Toolkit was first announced on December 10, 2020 as support for the Dishonored Roleplaying Game alongside the announcement of a dice set and the PDF scenario The Assassins Four. It was originally slated for release sometime in 2021.[1]


The Dishonored tabletop roleplaying game transports you to the Empire of the Isles and beyond, to the conspiracies and machinations of its political class, religious sects, and populist factions.

The Dishonored Gamemaster’s Toolkit includes advice, details, locations, NPCs, and new rules to help start an exciting campaign and to keep players on the edge of their seats![2]


  • The Kit includes:
    • A 51-page Gamemaster’s booklet, a Gamemaster’s Mat with key rules and a dedicated area to track Chaos, reference sheets for your players, and a set of Chaos and Momentum tokens.
    • Gamemaster advice including alternative ways to start your campaigns and use Chaos to its full potential.
    • A whole host of new Dunwall locations to explore, as well as a short adventure set in the Roseburrow Ruin, and new NPCs that can serve as useful allies or dangerous adversaries for your players.
    • New optional rules for crafting, inventing and tinkering, allowing you to follow in the footsteps of Dishonored’s greatest inventors.

Roseburrow Ruin[]

This short scenario is set in 1849, in the Doldrums part of the Downmarket District in Dunwall. Ever since Esmond Roseburrow's suicide in 1834, people have been disappearing in and around the abandoned ruins of Roseburrow Industries. Those who enter it are eventually consumed by the supernatural event at play. Its nature is akin to a Void Rift, with the Void leaking into reality.