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This page compiles all Written Notes from promotional postcards given away by GameStop before the release of Dishonored 2.[1]

The Grand Serkonan Guard postcard[]

D2 promo postcard guard1
Cecelia Havelock,
110 Drapers Ward,
Dunwall, The Isles.
The reward of a life well lived in keeping with the Seven Strictures is the end of existence! The peace of non-being. Only those who turn from the Seven Strictures risk an endless existence adrift in the Void, the dark sky without stars. The cold lifeless ocean that surrounds us all and threatens to devour the earth and sky an all things in between.
–Overseer Hughes

Karnaca, Capital of Serkonos postcard[]

D2 promo postcard karnaca1
D2 promo postcard karnaca2
Alexander Wakefield
26 Rudshore District
Gristol, The Isles.
Things are about to change in Karnaca. I feel it. My husband's been trying to sell our woodworking shop. If we can, we’re packing up the kids and relocating to Morley. Gristol's in chaos, with everyone fighting over the Empress, and Tyvia's too cold.

Addermire Institute postcard[]

D2 promo postcard addermire1
D2 promo postcard addermire2
Empress Kaldwin
Royal Palace
Dunwall, Gristol
Empire of the Isles
I've seen cities go bad before. Smelled the rot. So have you, fifteen years ago in Dunwall. Did you miss it, that year that made you who you are? Don’t deny it. Rats in the cradle, black smoke rising from burning bodies, an entire city crying out. Now it’s happening again. Welcome back. Welcome home.


  • Each of these notes reuse dialogue lines from Dishonored 2.
    • The note of the Grand Guard postcard is one of the preaching of the Overseer standing in front of the Overseer Outpost in the mission Edge of the World.
    • The note of the Karnaca postcard is taken from lines of a civilian near the edge of the Palace District in the mission The Grand Palace.
    • The note of the Addermire postcard is taken from the Outsider's High Chaos speech at the Shrine in the mission Edge of the World.